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Friday, 25 March 2011

Business Benefits of mySAP Technology

mySAP Technology provides customers with an open, coherent, scalable, and standards-based infrastructure that can handle the complete range of e-business and enterprise applications. It provides open integration that allows for business innovation and future flexibility while ensuring non-stop business operations at a low cost of ownership.
Business innovation enabled through the Internet is about doing business in new ways with collaboration between people, business units, and enterprises. mySAP Technology provides user-centric collaboration, empowering people to work more efficiently and openly. mySAP Technology drives process-centric collaboration, allowing end-to-end business processes that enhance productivity, reduce time to market, and improve customer service.
mySAP Technology supports constant change driven by new partnerships, new customers, new business rules, and new economics that mandate flexibility now and in the future to change the end-to-end collaborative business processes. The value of existing solutions can be enhanced and integrated within flexible end-to-end processes.
mySAP Technology provides an infrastructure for mission-critical e-business solutions to reliably operate. It provides real-time services twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Individual components can easily be changed and the system can easily be scaled without disrupting business operations.
mySAP Technology reduces the complexity inherent in many system landscapes through central management and shared business semantics even in heterogeneous environments, thus protecting the existing investment and helping to lower the cost of ownership.
The traditional strengths of scalability, broad functionality, and mission-critical performance provided by SAP are now extended to the Java 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE) platform. SAP combines a comprehensive, open, and integrated Web services infrastructure with the applications and data that companies need to rapidly adapt to change.
The collaboration made possible by mySAP Technology is essential for increased corporate agility and flexibility to respond to ever-changing business opportunities and market dynamics. It can help to reduce transportation and logistics costs, dramatically cut cycle times, achieve new levels of service quality and order accuracy, enhance visibility over product movement, and score big gains in asset productivity. Efficiencies and collaboration capabilities brought about by mySAP Technology will result in substantial reducation in cost of ownership for customers.

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