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Friday, 25 March 2011

Building Blocks of mySAP Technology

mySAP Enterprise Portal provides an open, user-centric integration infrastructure supporting unified access for users to all types of resources coming from SAP and third-party applications. SAP Enterprise Portal includes knowledge management capabilities for indexing and searching, publishing and subscribing, versioning and archiving, editing taxonomies, and managing document workflow of unsubscribed data.

SAP Web Application Server supports native Internet technology, such as HyperText Transfer Protocol (HTTP), Extensible Markup Language (XML), Java 2 Platform Enterprise Edition, and SAP's proven language ABAP. SAP Web Application Server allows quick development of individual Web applications with server-side scripting technologies, provides a scalable and reliable Web application infrastructure that delivers Web services at high performance, low cost of ownership and ensures an e-business solution is always online, and supports Web access via a Web browser and a range of mobile devices.

SAP Exchange Infrastructure provides an open process-centric integration infrastructure for free flow of information and business documents supporting XML-based messaging and integration through an Integration Engine. SAP Exchange Infrastructure manages shared cross-component collaboration and integration knowledge, driving end-to-end collaborative business scenarios that incorporate services from SAP and third-party applications.

SAP Business Information Warehouse provides extended data warehousing, reporting, and analytics capabilities. The new open hub features make it a source of aggregated information, originally extracted from a wide variety of systems. The native Web capabilities SAP Business Information Warehouse include query design, report presentation, and Web application design, which provides for the easy assembly of reports into portal-based information solutions. Enriched with business content, the SAP Business Information Warehouse is the infrastructure for analytical applications that work across boundaries.

Web Dynpro offers a powerful presentation layer designed to create professional and easy-to-use user interfaces. Web Dynpro provides a design time environment that allows developers to model and create browser-based user interfaces as well as a standards-based run-time environment that is device agnostic and bridges the gap between different platforms.

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